Do I need a library trailer ?

5 Mar

Whilst there Hasn’t been a lot of movement in getting my arse on the road and off to sunnier climes in the physical sense, there has been a lot of thinking going on, mostly about stuff.

The kind of stuff that we surround ourselves with on a day to day basis. The clutter that we like to surround ourselves with and say we are building a home. Continue reading



29 Jan

Well the plan was to be getting on the road in 3 months time, unfortunately I have to report that progress has been a good deal less than I had hoped. Continue reading

8 Nov

The cart before the horse

8 Nov

I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a geek and a techy, so whilst the idea of waking up and throwing the windows open to blue skies and a life of not having to worry about selecting clothes, my recent focus has been on swotting up on Motorhomes.

I’ve not been in as much as a caravan since my mid teens, so I decided to go look around a local caravan dealer (as there are no local motorhome dealers!) I have to say I was pretty blown away by the level of luxury that exist in the “mobile home” industry these days, especially in the provision of toilets and showers ! Continue reading

So what is Naked Travels all about then ?

4 Oct

Quite simply, its about my desire to escape from the rat race (or the Hamster Wheel as I often think about it.)

Also part of it is that I’m facing a birthday with a zero in it, and in my mind at least it’s not something to look forward to. Sometimes I feel like I keep waiting for my life to start, for the job I’m in to take off, but it just never seems to… but whilst I remain a wage-slave I have very little control over my life. By doing this I’ll be making deliberate decisions rather than just going with the flow of life and that has to lead to something better. Continue reading